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Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel

Bringing history, art & culture to life

Custom Tours & Trip Planning
for the Luxury Traveler

Whether you're planning a European get-away, or want to learn more about the culture from home, EXPLORE  has everything you need to make the experience enriching, unique, and truly memorable. We specialize in customized tours, seminars and itineraries in France, Italy & Spain - all curated to the highest standards and led by experts in history and travel. Indulge in a personalized adventure and immerse yourself into European art & culture as never before.

Explore France, Italy & Spain
with an art history expert

Private Tours in Paris

· Private Tours ·

Customized guided tours in the world's most iconic destinations in France, Italy & Spain.  Explore the history in the company of an art historian and uncover the secrets of the daily lifestyle in Paris, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast and many more.  Discover Europe in style, and enjoy the comfort of a custom-tailored visit designed especially for you.

· Travel Planning ·

Going to Europe and craving a luxurious experience fully-tailored to your needs? We specialize in travel to France, Italy and Spain, and can create a personalized itinerary designed especially for you.  From 5-star hotel bookings to perfectly-tailored cultural experiences and exclusive high-end VIP services, we take care of the details and  put everything in motion to fashion the  European escapade of your dreams.

Custom Itineraries in Italy, France, Spain
Online Seminars French History and Art

· Private Seminars ·

A wide range of private online seminars on  European history and art.  Perfect as a prelude to an upcoming trip or a deep dive into your favourite themes, seminars include destination-specific topics and fascinating discussions on history and art.  Discover the harrowing details of the French Revolution or the brilliant patrons of the Italian Renaissance, and much more.  All seminars are customized for a personalized learning experience.

The 'EXPLORE' Difference

EXPLORE's travel and learning experiences are passionately inspiring  and enriching immersions into the culture and history of each featured destination.  All tours and seminars are fully customizable to give you and your loved ones the most personalized attention possible and provide you with a world-class European adventure.  Here's what you'll discover on an EXPLORE tour, seminar, or custom itinerary :

Private Tours in France - the Loire Valley Châteaux

Exciting Destinations

Discover the most spectacular destinations in France, Italy & Spain and experience the magic of their most astonishing historical treasures : the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower, the Sistine Chapel, the Ponte Vecchio, the Sagrada Familia...

Private Tours in Italy - Italian Art

Iconic Works of Art

See the world's greatest masterpieces and discover the inner life of the artists that made them.  Learn the story behind Michelangelo's David, decode the scenes in the Sistine Chapel, or uncover the mystery behind the Mona Lisa's iconic smile.

Private Tours in France - Versailles and Marie-Antoinette

History's Best-Kept Secrets

Uncover the secrets and scandals of history's most famous characters : Marie-Antoinette's death by guillotine, the Pazzi assassination in Renaissance Florence, Louis the Sun King's debut on the ballet stage and much, much more.

"History and art history at their finest"

Private Tours in Italy - Venice canals and gondolas

Meet the Founder, Sandra Laville

Sandra is a confirmed travel and history expert, and has been providing one-of-a-kind luxury tours and travel services for over 15 years.  She is passionate about art history and dedicated to making her clients' European adventures unique, extraordinary and unforgettable.

 What People are  Saying...

"Outstanding. Sandra was extremely knowledgeable about art, architecture and an excellent presenter. We'd highly recommend her.  She is definitely one of the best! "


~ Kathleen, (Fort Mill, US)

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Private Tours in Versailles - Versailles Palace
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