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Bringing history and art to the culturally curious

Come explore France, Spain & Italy with an art history expert

EXPLORE offers private tours and virtual learning experiences for those with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for all things European.  Whether you're planning a trip to your favourite destination or want to learn all about it from home, EXPLORE has the perfect option for your learning and travel needs.

Private Tours

Discover France, Italy & Spain's most exciting destinations with an expert in European history and art.
EXPLORE offers exclusive private tours and VIP service in Paris, Rome, Florence, and Barcelona. 

Online Seminars

Learn all there is to know about the French Revolution or the Italian Renaissance without ever leaving home!  Offering a wide range of online seminars and courses on  French, Italian and Spanish history and art.

What you'll get


Virtual & In-Person Travel

Travel to France, Spain or Italy, either virtually or in-person, and discover some of the world's greatest treasures first hand. 


Iconic Works of Art

See the world's greatest masterpieces and discover the inner life of the artists that made them in a true behind-the-scenes look at European art.


History's Best-Kept Secrets

Discover the inner secrets and scandals of history's most beloved (and not so beloved) kings, queens, and artists.

"History and art history

at their very finest"

Featured Seminars


Leonardo da Vinci : An Italian Genius in France


Claude Monet : The Life  of an Impressionist


Sandro Botticelli : A Fully Florentine Renaissance


Sun King Louis XIV at the Palace of Versailles

Click below to see our full selection of courses and seminars :

 What People are  Saying...
"Outstanding. Sandra was extremely knowledgeable about art, architecture and an excellent presenter. We'd highly recommend her.  She is definitely one of the best! "


~ Kathleen, (Fort Mill, US)

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