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Language & Culture Courses

If you are traveling to Europe and want to learn about the language and culture before you go, Explore can help!  Our online Language & Culture Courses offer the basics in Spanish, French, and Italian and will give you a great foundation before you head over to that exciting destination.

The courses last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks and are entirely tailor-made to meet your specific needs.  All courses are held online via a webconferencing platform, scheduled at your convenience, according to availability.

Explore's courses are unique in that they combine a mixture of language, culture, etiquette, civilisation and history to give you the full background picture on the countries and cities you will be visiting.  All this combined with your own specific requests and recommendations, to make for a fully customized and highly enriching educational experience.

Language & Culture Courses

French Language & Culture

La vie en rose

How do you say "Have a nice day!" in French? 

How much is it customary to tip in Parisian restaurants?  

When was the first time the guillotine was used in France?

Learn the basics of French language, etiquette and culture, mixed in with tid-bits of history and art, to meet with your own personal interests and needs. 



Italian Language & Culture

Ciao, bella!

How can I order pasta at an Italian restaurant?

What is the best place to get Italian gelato in Rome or Florence?

What made the Italian Renaissance so important?

Learn the basics of Italian Language combined with elements of the popular culture, etiquette, lifestyle and background history.  Get the insider's look at Italian civilisation, past and present.


Spanish Language & Culture

Tapas and flamenco



How can I order tapas at a bar in Spain?

Why do people throw their peanut shells on the floor?

What was the Spanish Inquisition and how did it affect Spanish history? 

Perfect your Spanish-speaking skills and learn all about Spanish culture, history and etiquette.  Add your own personal requests or interests for a fully-customized experience.

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All courses are private and are customized specially for you and your family or friends.  Invite whoever you'd like, up to a maximum of 5 separate households. 

For more information on Language and Culture Courses  and for a detailed price list, please contact us here : 

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