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~ Discovery Seminar ~

Leonardo da Vinci : An Italian Genius in France
*A group seminar on the ultimate Renaissance Man*


Duration : 75 minutes

Price : €25

Saturday March 5th, 2022

at 11:00 am (EST)

Leonardo da Vinci : A great scientist, engineer, architect, philosopher, painter, sculptor, and theoretician, he was greatly respected among his peers and worked for some of the most powerful kings and princes of his time. The Musée du Louvre has an extensive collection of his works, spanning each stage of his life and following the development of his work from young apprentice in Florence to court painter for the king in France.  Discover Leonardo's greatest masterpieces at the Louvre and unravel the secrets of his life's work, from his early years in Florence and Milan, to his last years in France at the court of King Francis 1st.

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