Renaissance Masterpieces at the Louvre

Duration : 90 minutes (including 15min Q&A)

Price : 175€

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Leonardo da Vinci is considered the ultimate Renaissance Man and one of the greatest geniuses of his time. A great scientist, engineer, architect, philosopher, painter, sculptor, and theoretician, he was greatly respected among his peers and worked for some of the most powerful kings and princes of his time. The Musée du Louvre holds an extensive collection of his works, spanning each stage of his life and following the development of his work from young apprentice in Florence to court painter for the king in France.Discover his great masterpieces at the Louvre and unravel the secrets of his life's work, from his early years in Florence and Milan, to his last years in France at the court of King Francis 1st.

Château of Amboise

During the first part of the seminar, we will discover the Château of Amboise, King Francis 1st ’ childhood home. We will see how the château changed from Gothic fortress to Renaissance palace and hear about the early years of King Francis’ reign, including the visit of Leonardo da Vinci at the nearby Clos-Lucé and his death in 1519. We will hear about Queen Catherine de’ Medici, wife of King Henri 2nd, and her five royal children that all grew up at Amboise, including future King Francis 2nd and his young fiancée, Mary Queen of Scots.


Château of Chambord

Next, we will explore the Château of Chambord, the iconic symbol of the French Renaissance constructed from scratch by King Francis 1st. Hear about the many stages of construction and discover why, despite its magnificent façades and spectacular architectural decor, it was the king’s least favourite residence in the Valley. Discover the many famous guests that stayed at the palace over the centuries, from Holy Roman Emperor Charles 5th to King Stanislas Leszczynski of Poland, and explore the details of the palace’s stunning Renaissance architecture.


Château of Chenonceau

Lastly, we will take a look at the Château of Chenonceau, one of the most startingly beautiful castles in the region. Also known as the « château des dames » (« the ladies’ castle »), it was owned and embellished by many illustrious women over the years, including King Henri 2nd’s misttress Diane de Poitiers, and his wife, Queen Catherine de’ Medici. Discover the rivalry between these two powerful women and hear about the extravagant festivities thrown at the château by the Queen, in celebration of her ultimate victory over her female rival.