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Rome through the Ages : Biography of a City

History of Rome, Ancient Rome

Duration : 90 minutes (including 15min Q&A)

Lectures : 

Lecture 1 : Ancient Rome

Lecture 2 : Medieval Rome

Lecture 3 : Renaissance Rome

Lecture 4 : Baroque and Rococó Rome

Lecture 5 : Modern and Contemporary Rome

Take-Away : 

Price : 175€

Write to us here to request this private seminar :

All roads lead to...Rome, of course! 


Rome, the Eternal City, home to the Roman Emperors and the Popes, seat of the Catholic Church, cradle of the High Renaissance and some of the world's most beautiful Baroque churches...  Discover everything you have always wanted to know about the seven-hilled city and the epic people, places and events that shaped its history.

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