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Private Tours in Europe, Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums



"Sandra was an incredible guide, an entertaining storyteller who paired a love for art and France with a deep knowledge of history. She also knows the Louvre really well which made navigating a busy July day at the museum really smooth. We hope to one day see the museum again with her."

Jenni, New York (USA)


"Just returned from our trip, and I would have to say our tour with Sandra was definitely one of the highlights of our entire trip.  She provided insights and knowledge beyond what we’ve experienced from other tour guides in the past, and allowed us the space to spend as much time as we wanted at different things. I can’t say enough…she was a gem!  We will definitely come back, and when we do you can be assured we’ll hook up with your company again".  


Kevin, Boston (USA) 

"We had a great time. In fact my mom said it was the best part of her trip. Thank you again, Sandra."

Valorie, Virginia (USA)

"We enjoyed the rest of our trip in France, but most appreciated the time Sandra spent showing us around Paris. We have told our travel agent how pleased we were with her, we hope he will use her services again in the future."


Eileen and Joan, Texas (USA)

"It was a terrrific experience, especially for our nine year old granddaughter. We had asked for the tour to be focused on her and it was. Entertaining and educational."


Benjamin, New York (USA) 

"Today was HOT. But we survived! Sandra was FANTASTIC. "


Mia, Toronto (Canada)


"I was on the museum tour with Sandra. Bearing in mind I did a similar one two years ago I thought this tour was far superior. She was very knowledgeable, gave us relevant information and didn't try to bombard us with too much information as there is so much to see - she was also friendly and approachable. Well done!!"  

Diane, Vancouver (Canada)


"I like the small private group dynamics. And all went very smoothly. Sandra spoke clearly, she was very bright, friendly, personal."


Jonathan, Colorado (USA)

​"Sandra was great! Very knowledgeable, friendly, and able to connect with each member of our family. Made the tour very enjoyable!"

Simmi, Virginia (USA)

"Sandra was very knowledgeable and realized what was the right amount of time to spend on each area so it wasn't too overwhelming. When I signed up for a 3 hour museum tour, I thought it might be too long but it turned out to be the perfect amount of time."


Kay, Calgary (Canada) 

"The tour was great. Sandra was delightful. We enjoyed it very much. Thanks! "

Jack and Susie, Texas (USA) 

"Our guide, Sandra, was well versed and well spoken. She gave an architect's view on things and was knowledgeable in art and art history. We enjoyed her insight into historical events."

Abigail, Maryland (USA)

"She was amazing! "


Gail, New York (USA)


"We really appreciated how Sandra prepared for us and tried to keep our interests in mind. We hope to use her services again, and we will definitely provide more information on us beforehand so that we can further tailor the experience."


Ronald, Vancouver (Canada)

"As a professor emerita, I applaud Sandra for condensing a complex period into an hour-plus. I thought her images were well chosen and her highlights were succinct! Brava."

 Karen, Fort Lauderdale (USA)

"Excellent tour and very knowledgeable guide. Thanks."


Cynthia, Philadelphia (USA) 

"Sandra was very knowledgable and helpful."


Susan, Louisiana (USA)


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Private Tours in Rome, Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City
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