Private Tours ~ Spain ~


Visit sunny, historic Spain with your very own

private guide and history expert. 

All tours are fully customizable and

include a luxury car service.


~ Urban Mediterranean  ~
Full-Day Tour of Barcelona

Barcelona is the ultimate mediterranean city, with its busy urban streets, old Medieval centre and beach waterfront lined with cafés and palm trees.  Discover Barcelona like never before with your private guide, who will take you off the beaten path into the true city haunts, just like a local.


~ Bright Lights, Big City  ~
Full-Day Tour of Madrid

The capital city of Spain combines old European history with a vibrant conemporary metropolitan scene. Discover world famous art in the Prado museum, explore downtown at the Plaza de Cibeles, or taste chocolate and churros at the Puerta del Sol.  Explore modern and historic Madrid and get a feel for Spanish life from an insider's point-of-view.


~ The White Coast ~
Valencia and the Costa Blanca

Valencia is Spain's third-largest city, and is the newest, trendiest destination on the Mediterranean Sea. Home to the original Spanish paella, Valencia is famous for more than just oranges!  Visit the sights and wander off the beaten path to the Costa Blanca, including the stunning papal palace in Peñiscola and the cristal-clear beaches in Calpe and Denia.


~ Moors & Christians  ~
The Best of Andalucía

The Moors ruled over Spain for more than 700 years, and had their stronghold in the southern region of Andalucía.  Visit the sunny capital of Seville, the moorish mosque in Cadiz, and the stunning Moorish headquarters and palace in Granada, known as the Alhambra. See the sights and discover the rich cultural heritage left by the arabs in Spain.

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