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Private Tours in France - Creation of Adam by Michelangelo in Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums

Luxury Destinations
~ Spain ~

Spain is nothing if not the land of contrasts: passionate and conservative, traditional and avant-guard, steeped in history and yet relentlessly modern.  From north to south and east to west, each region offers something uncompromisingly unique and different from all the rest.  Whether it be its food, its history, its traditions, or its music and dance, variety in Spain is definitely the spice of life. Delve into a personalized EXPLORE itinerary or private tour in Spain and discover all the Iberian peninsula has to offer.



~ La Movida madrileña ~

Madrid has been famous for its nightlife since the Movida Madrileña in the 1980s. But beyond the late-night bar scene is an incredibly historic city, steeped in ages-old traditions and a long heritage of art and literature.  Visit Madrid's more sober side and dive into Spanish culture at its best : world-famous masterpieces at the Prado, Rococo architecture at the Royal Palace, and Cervantes' own home in the Barrio de las letras.  Taste chocolate and churros near the Puerta del Sol, or do some shopping in the chic Salamanca district, and learn about the centuries bygone when Spain was one of Europe's most powerful nations.  Experience all this, and more, in true, luxurious style.



~ Mediterranean Flair ~

Barcelona : a vibrant city with an unmistakenly Mediterranean air.  From the long waterfront promenades to the quirky urban markets and the world-famous architectural masterpieces, Barcelona is both ancient and avant-guard.  Visit Gaudi's remarkable Sagrada Familia, meander down the winding streets in the centuries-old Medieval quarter, experience the big city vibes in the chic Eixample neighbourhood or watch the sunset over a cocktail at one of the many delectable rooftop bars.  A delightful visit to the big city to be coupled with the obligatory trip to the Costa Brava for its clear crystalline waters and beautiful sandy beaches.



~ Moorish Paradise ~

Andalusia (or Andalucìa in Spanish) is home to much of the culture that is typically associated with Spain : flamenco, gazpacho, and matadors, not to mention the Feria de Sevilla and religious processions at Holy Week.  Spain's sunniest region is a land of passion and arid landscapes and offers an incredible cultural experience for all those willing to dive in.  With over 800 years of domination under the Moors, the culture has a distinctly arab flavour, blending Moorish opulence with European sophistication.  Visit the staggering Alhambra palace in Granada, sip sangrìa in Seville's main square, or take in an authentic flamenco performance at a local tavern, if you dare.  Taste the true flavours of southern Spain in luxury and style on the ultimate, authentic Spanish experience. 

Ready to begin planning or need help deciding where to go? These are just some of the destinations available in France, and the list is by no means exhaustive.  Contact us for more information on destinations and to request a personalized trip planning price quote :

Destination Pairing

Planning a trip to Europe can whet your appetite and make you hungry to discover as much of the culture as possible.  Pairing your travels to Spain with a visit to France or Italy can help to round out your experience and make it as enriching and immersive as possible.  Browse our destinations in France or Italy for inspiration and then contact us to get the ball rolling :

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